Clark Transportation - Clark Special Economic Zone - Angeles City - Philippines

There are several transportation options to get to Clark. The usual way to get there would be to travel from Manila. Traveling by land is the most common means of getting there. Most of the locals usually travel by bus from Manila, which is by far the cheapest way to travel.

Traveling to Clark by Bus

There are a lot of bus companies that ply the trip from Manila to Clark. This is without a doubt the most abundant means of transportation between these two places of interest in the Philippines. The bus trip from between both locations will take around two and a half hours one way. Bus fares are roughly around Php 300.

One of the popular bus companies one may take is Philtranco. You can travel to Clark from SM Megamall or their Pasay Terminal. They don't really have a bus station or terminal in SM Megamall but they usually drop off and pick up passengers at the back of building A.

Another bus company that can take you there is Philippine Rabbit. They have buses that leave for Clark four times within the hour. They have a terminal along Avenida, which is easily accessible via the Light Railway Transit. Just hop on the Recto or D. Jose train stations. The fare you'll pay riding via Philippine Rabbit will roughly be the same.

Yet another bus company that many of the locals favor is Partas Bus Company. They have daily trips traveling to and fro the Manila-Clark-Laoag route. They have a terminal at the Cubao Shopping Center, one of the busiest sections in Metro Manila. Their bus terminal is located at the corner of Bernardino Street and Aurora Boulevard.

Traveling to Clark by Cab

Taking a taxi cab to Clark is the more convenient option. However, it is also one of the most expensive transportation options out there in Manila. The taxi rates can go anywhere between PHP 1,500 to PHP 2,500. The secret here is to haggle with the drivers. If you don't, then the tendency is that you get ripped off or the driver will simply charge you extra.

Here are a few tips when taking this transportation option from Manila. First off, always take the airport taxis from the Manila airport especially if you're a newcomer to the country. If you don't, chances are you'll be charged extra. Next tip, you can simply say you're going off to Clark or you can mention the name of the hotel you're going to if the driver knows the place very well. Make sure to ask for a receipt at the taxi cab booths at the airport in Manila. You'll present the receipt to your cab when you hop on.

Car Rental and Other Land Transportation

There are yet other options when traveling to Clark. There are vans/SUVs and air conditioned cars that you can hire to take you to your hotel. There are also car rentals available. Renting or hiring a car from Manila will cost you around PHP 2,600 while the rented vans that usually have their transport stations will charge you PHP 3,000 a trip. The AC you get from these vehicles add to the comfort of travel if you're not used to the tropical weather.

Traveling to Clark by Air

Unfortunately there are no domestic flights from Manila to Clark at the moment. However, traveling to Clark by air is still possible. In case you're in Malaysia in Kota Kinabalu or Kuala Lumpur then you can take Asia Air and fly directly to Diosdado Macapagal International Airport. Tiger Airways also flies from Singapore directly to the Clark airport. In case of any flight changes or any possible opening of flights from Manila to DMIA then check out their website at Flights from these countries will cost around USD 46 or more depending on the carrier.