Jollibee - Clark Special Economic Zone - Angeles City - Philippines

Jollibee is one of the biggest names in the fastfood industry in the entire Philippines. It is one of the really successful Filipino businesses in the entire country. You can say that it is the local equivalent of McDonald's of the nation. It's quite popular with the kids and with the local adult population as well.

The Red Striped Bee Sensation

Jollibee Fastfood Clark is only one of the many Jollibee stores in Angeles. In fact, this fastfood store is so popular that it has opened several branches in and around the city. Wherever you may find a mall in this city or other urban centers nearby, you're sure to find a Jollibee store ready to serve hungry customers. There's a Jollibee store in Jenra Mall, Nepo Mall, SM City Clark, Robinson's Place Angeles, and Puregold Clark.


As you might expect from one of their fastfood centers, Jollibee Fastfood Clark sports the very colors of the company including its trademark motif. The ambience you get is nothing short of any fastfood restaurant you can find. You don't get a buffet nor are there waiters to get your orders.

Guests get to line up in front of a cashier and make their orders. You won't get a menu but you'll just have to check out the food they serve on the restaurant's overhead panel. The tables and chairs are the usual "Filipino" size, so if you're around six feet tall or even taller you might find that a bit small. Unfortunately, most fastfood stores in the country can't come up with extra large furnishings for special occasions.

One should expect the place to be quite crowded especially during lunch hours. Dinner time is also another time of heavy traffic in Jollibee Fastfood Clark. It is really that popular among the locals. Its popularity of course has something to do with the quick service and the affordability of their meals. You should also expect the meals to be slightly flavored according to the local preference - you should expect the spaghetti and some burgers to be a bit sweet by the way.

Value Meals

The value meals in Jollibee Fastfood Clark take the limelight. Whether it's the regular value meals or the ones for kids, these are the ones that are usually ordered. However, if you don't want to stick with the fixed meals they have in store, you can always order stuff individually and create a meal of your very own.

Additional Info

Food options in this fastfood store include the usual burgers, fries, soda, fried chicken, pies, spaghetti, and ice cream. As a bit of a warning, expect the non-value meal orders to be a little bit more expensive. You can call their store in Puregold Clark at +63-45-599-2614. They're usually open from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm.