Korea House Korean Restaurant - Clark Special Economic Zone - Angeles City - Philippines

Sampling Asian food wont be complete without ever sampling the exquisite Zen effects of Korean food. And if youre in Clark, Pampanga in the Philippines, one of the best places you can get just that is in Korea House Korean Restaurant. By just checking out their exterior landscaping, you get that serene ambiance typical of tropical countries.

Natural Ambiance

Korea House Korean Restaurant is located within the confines of the Mimosa Leisure Park. That alone sets the initial effect. This is further emphasized by the elegance of natures touch via the different canopies of trees, highlighting color of flowers, and the fine outline of bushes. The lush green fauna of the leisure parks landscape complements the major theme of this restaurant.

Authentic Korean Food

Well, it just takes a short quick reading of the restaurants name to deduce that the place serves authentic Korean food. Moving forward into the experience, it is quite obvious that when you serve authentic Korean food that you will attract a host of Korean customers. The Korean nationals who frequent this restaurant are students, expats, and tourists. However, it also isnt uncommon to find the locals enjoying the same cuisine.

It is a fact that even the Filipinos have grown to love Korean food. Not only are the locals attracted to the cuisine, but people of other nationalities have become fond of the said dishes. If youre the type who would love to experiment and have an adventure with your taste buds then you better try the food served here to get the real thing.

Sampling the Menu

You need to sample more than just the Kimchi in order to have a taste of authentic Korean cuisine. Korea House Korean Restaurant provides more than this dish to its guests and patrons. They also serve the royal court cuisine and other regional specialties. An interesting twist they provide is a fusion of different cuisines. Prepare your taste buds for basking in the flavors of radish soup, cucumber soup, steam-cooked rice, along with anything charged with chili paste.

The restaurant can serve a maximum capacity of 120 people. The facilities include buffet and garden dining. They also have VIP rooms available upon reservation. The VIP rooms can accommodate a maximum of 30 guests. Average meal prices in Korea House Korean Restaurant averages to PHP200 per guest.

Contact Information

The Korea House Korean Restaurant is located along Mimosa Drive at Building 1992 within the luxurious Mimosa Leisure Estates. Its pretty easy to find if youre touring the sites and various places of interest in the Clark Freeport Zone in Pampanga, Philippines. You can contact a member of their staff at +63-45-599-3245. You may also send them a fax via +63-45-599-2812.